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Everyone today uses some form of electronic technology
They are all connected to the WWW.

Every year, millions of North American consumers, that's nearly 8% of the population are victims of scams and fraud. In 2018, the number of fraud victims in the US reached 17.9 million, with $19.6 billion lost. The picture is not improving.
Cyber security is a serious business.

We can keep you online and safe

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 Expert advice and installation of the best antivirus solution   for your needs . Contact us now before you get hit with malware or worse, it could save your data your machine and your identity.

If your machine does strange things or runs slow, loses data, freezes completely or just won't start. We can provide a quick cost effective solution !

With over 25 years in IT servicing, consulting, government systems analysis and cyber security, who better to set you on the safe computing path ? Don't play with your security and your identity, call the people who know. Don't rely on your friend or cousin or friend of a friend, or even your kids, they may not have the full picture !  There is a time you need an expert to deal with IT issues your identity and security relies on a well serviced up to date clean machine, and the knowledge to operate that machine in a safe manner, we give you the tools and skills to achieve that.

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