Virus removal and clean up

We will clean up your machine and not lose your data

Viruses and malware attacks are on the increase.  Your system is vulnerable as is your data and identity.  Some malware can even damage your machine.  If you are infected, you can even infect friends and relatives just by communicating with them on the web.
And you may not even know it until its too late !

     If your machine does strange things, runs slow, spontaneously
    reboots or just shuts down or your antimalware software
    detects a virus or other malware, and cant clean or
   quarantine it.

 We can jump in and clean your system and usually with
no loss of data, we make your system safe and useable again. Whatever your malware problem we can usually clean your machine and make it run smoother and faster.
If not we can save your valuable data, photographs etc.
and reinstall your system completely.

   We can then show you
   some effective antimalware programs which will help to
   keep you safer in the future.

We will also show you backup systems that will keep your data and even your entire system safe from potential disasters, Such as Cyber attack and machine crashes.

Contact us now to discuss your problem
and we can work out the best strategy
to get you cleaned up and running again.
We may also suggest the best antimalware for your needs and budget.




We use the latest and best virus removal and cleaning tools.  Let the Fox take care of your viruses and other malware



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