Cyber Security

Everyone today uses some form of technology,
They are all connected to the WWW. the Web ! But are you safe ?

Every single day someone gets scammed or loses money
or even their identity and life savings.
 Do not be the next victim of Cyber crime

  • Do you store irreplaceable pictures
    or data on your phone, tablet or computer ?

  • Would the loss of all your family pictures upset you ?

  • Do you use online banking ?

  • Or are you scared to use it ?

  • Would you like to shop online and do it safely ?

  • Do you do online tax returns ?

  • Are you worried about identity theft ?

  • Do you use WIFI connections at home or public ?

If you answered "yes" to just one of these questions,
then you need to attend one of our seminars or
talks on staying safe in cyberspace.
Even if you only do email, and surf the net you are
still vulnerable to attack don't take chances with
your security and your identity!

We provide seminars and lectures on how
to avoid the scams viruses, spies and cyber
thieves and show you how to stay safe on
the Internet.

Attend one of our informative and comprehensive
talks or seminars on staying safe on the web.

We can teach you some simple steps to
avoid most of the scams and pitfalls on the
web and on your phone, yes, even taking phone
calls you are at risk of identity theft.

Our course could save you thousands of $
in unnecessary payments and equipment
.  With over 25 years in Computing
and Cyber Security we know the dangers lurking
on the web for unsuspecting victims.  We can
pass this knowledge on to you, so you can stay safe.
No previous experience necessary, we teach
beginners to advanced and we teach at your
pace, with a style you can easily understand.

Talk to us about:
Cyber Safety Training for your group.
We are specialists in information technology

You will leave with the tools you need
to keep you as
safe as possible in todays cyber world. 
We can
teach you how to use the internet in safety !

Let us teach you to protect yourself, your system and 
keep your data and your identity safe from cyber crime.

Don't chance it. Set yourself free to use the net safely!

Contact us now to arrange a session on cyber security for your Company,
Group, Society, Condo or Apartment building, individual sessions can also
be arranged, but the best deal is for a group.
So get together with a bunch of friends and contact us.

Everyone needs this information and training
We tailor the information to your skills and requirements,
everything is explained in a simple easy to understand way,
technical jargon is kept to a minimum.

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Don't wait until its too late ! 

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