Foxnet Pricing  

Mobile call out fee based on distance from Halifax waterfront.
(Waived if less than 50 km and work is carried out as below )
$25 up to 50km.  $37.50 up to 100kms. $50,
0.48c per km over 100 km  
Diagnostics on any machine $30
Domestic Computer quick clean (LT or DT) $30 - $50 per machine
Virus removal disinfect $30 - $50 per machine
Complete Tune up Virus clean system speed up Defragment HD and registry clean. system updates  $75 - 150 per machine
Replace Hard drive/ install bigger or more RAM Laptop or desktop $30  Plus the cost of HD /RAM
PC /LT diagnostics  including written report and estimate for work required. $50
Data Recovery Documents Pictures videos etc. ( machine wont turn on ) $100 up     ( estimate given before work commences )
Data backup and recovery setup and instruction $30  - $50 plus media required for backup at cost
FRESH START Complete reinstall of all software ( if you have disks ) Recovered Data reinstalled Fresh machine with all your data back $120 up     ( estimate given before work commences )
Install antivirus antimalware software + clean machine $50 up       ( estimate given before work commences )
Teaching $50 per hour
Group sessions $25 per person
Cyber security lectures $25 per person
General Enterprise Service Work (Corporate) $75  per hour
Server work $150 - $200 per hour
Network installations $85 per hour
Wireless network setup and optimization $75 per hour
RUSH FEE immediate service and repair Normal fee multiplied by 1.5  (If technician is available)
Managed services Monthly or annual plans.  
Managed IT services 12 month contract
( maximum 2 hour call out time)
$70 per month  (extra hours @ $75/hour)
Full service Managed IT management  (Platinum) includes remote monthly updates $295 Per month  ( $3000 if paid in advance annually )
Full service Managed IT management  (Gold) $195 per month  ( $2000 if paid in advance annually)
Full service Managed IT management  (Silver) $150 per month  ( $1500 if paid in advance annually)
Full service Managed IT management  (Bronze) $100 per month  ( $1000 if paid in advance annually)
Code, and SLA Service Level Agreement response times.
∑ Bronze Email access to technician, initial response time 12 hours
∑ Silver  Email and Phone access remote and or onsite between 0900 1700, initial response time  4 hours
∑ Gold Email Phone access 0900 - 2300 ( remote servicing ) initial response time 3 hours
∑ Platinum Email phone access 24 hours 7 days a week. (remote servicing ) initial response time 2 hours

Prices given are based average machines with average issues, everything else is on an individual basis, and estimates are given before work commences after $30 diagnostics charge. If service is undertaken after diagnostics the this fee is waived. IE. if after diagnostic you have the word done the diagnostic fee will be deducted from the total. usually estimate will be given at the start of any major work.

SLA Service Level Agreement.  Under each plan is a standard response time linked to each plan.
We achieve the SLA in 98% of cases. Initial response time is the time to get a reply from a query or logged event, resolution of an issue is dependent on complexity and machine access.

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