What can we do for you ?

  • Make your system run smoothly  

  • Revive old tired machines

  • Fix broken machines

  • Remove unnecessary programs  viruses and malware  

  • Upgrade Memory or hard drive Increases your speed on any machine

  • Install Solid State hard drive (SSD) Instant speed
    improvement for any machine.  

  • Computer system servicing and repair. 

  • Data backup and recovery. 

  • Complete system reinstalls  

  • Remote servicing Saves a trip ( keeps your cost down )  

  • Teaching Computing, backup etc. 

  • Teaching sessions on   Cyber Security Antivirus/malware software

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) setup and optimization 

  • Cat 5 / 6  Wired networks setup  

  • Any other IT issue.

 Please note:
we do not design websites as that is a separate section of IT completely, our expertise is in hardware, software and cyber security area. We do have connections in that field and can pass you on to them.


 Contact us now with your problem so we can formulate a solution.

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