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Education Can save time and increace profits 


Professional Computer Training
Most software packages and custom training available on demand,
including Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Linux, Unix, Perl, and many more.

Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses in traditional
Office software and custom training.

Personal Solutions
Design your own course. Pay by the hour, or agree a fixed sum. You decide what you want to learn and we will provide a tutor to come to you and help you learn using your own machine.

WORKSHOPS and Quick learn sessions

Online Training in association with Manpower

Online Training in over 2500 Courses, work at your own pace, Ideal for the self motivated.

Computers for the Terrified !
Are you scared stiff of computers ?

No Problem !

Qualified and very patient tutors will have you using a computer in less time than you think ! Work in your own time but you will be suprised just how quickly you will pick it up.
Please contact us with your requirements and we will send you a free no-obligation quote.


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