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Remote System Management

Why waste money on fulltime underutilised staff ?

A full time qualified computer technician could cost you anything up to $6000 per month, and more?

With ever spiralling costs,
outsourcing your IT makes economical sense

Foxnet can monitor and maintain the system constantly for potential problems, and perform system updates. if a problem arises we will inform you immediately. Then you have the information needed to repair or correct the fault yourself, or we can send a technician out to you to fix the problem usually within an hour.

Routine maintenance is allways neglected until a problem crops up. Who in your company performs defragmentation and runs other maintenance programs? This can all be taken care of as part of a maintenance package with Foxnet, leaving you and your staff time to do the things which make your company profitable.

All work is carried out remotely, with the strictest of security,and by our trained staff, all we need is for you to be connected to the internet and we do the rest.

So take the time to run your business without computer and data worries, let Foxnet care for your computer systems and valuable data.




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