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If you are a start-up company, or an existing company thinking of moving, or even an individual, in search of sound advice, we can give you the information needed to make the right decisions. Decisions which will save you money as many people either over buy or under buy when it comes to technical equipment, in both cases it will be more cost effective to bring in experts to advise and give recommendations on equipment and even service providers, even with the consultants cost you can still save money and stress, as you will have the best system for the work you are undertaking, the savings can be quite dramatic.
We can help you plan the whole office environment including furniture, computers, servers, and all the necessary network equipment to give you the very best of system for your needs.

System Maintenance.
We maintain systems in prime condition either remotely or onsite, all updates and cleans are done so you always have a machine you can rely on. We will periodically give you a report on the condition of your system and make recommendations on renewal or upgrades as your needs change and grow.

One of the most important things on any IT system is the backup, long gone are the days when a couple of floppies would suffice as a backup media. Nowadays even large capacity tape systems are not versatile enough to be of use to some companies needs. We are specialists in DATA backup and recovery, we build our own Network Attached Storage servers (NAS) which are tailor made for you needs. All backups should be offsite so the positioning of your backup device is of prime importance as is the transmission method and security. Foxnet is Very security conscious and can handle any amount of data in an array of methods, again all tailored to your needs.
We also host our own offsite backup where your data is encrypted and stored at a secure location, on our servers, not as most companies do where the data could be anywhere in the country, or worse in another country, which is illegal in most cases as information on any Canadian resident must not be stored outside of Canada, for security reasons. Even contact lists and emails should not be transmitted out of the country.

Computer Security.
We are well versed and qualified in internet security, and can advise on suitable software to keep you clean and virus free. We are agents for some of the best anti malware on the market, and can supply and install the necessary software as part of the package or as a standalone system. Because we are authorised resellers we are cheaper than you can get anywhere on the net or from other vendors.

Maintenance contracts
To facilitate these or any other system you require we can put together a package, on an annual contract to maintain and backup your system so you never need to worry when a machine fails from use or faulty equipment, we can have you up and running in hours not weeks ! Even if you have an existing IT maintenance company we can usually improve on their service and probably beat their price, although the kind of service we offer does not come cheap, it will save you more than is costs in downtime and lost revenue, not to mention the stress of a catastrophic breakdown, all of which we have the experience in, and the answers to.

Preventative maintenance is paramount to a smooth running
and trouble free system!

We can deliver instruction in any aspect of IT from the basics to advanced programming, several of our operatives also qualified teachers and can deliver instruction on a wide variety of subjects.
We also put on lunch and learn programs for companies or small groups in many subjects, The most popular is in computer security from password management to social engineering and of course how to avoid viruses, spy’s, Trojans etc. And the correct use of firewalls.

So whatever your technology needs we have the answers and the expertise to guide you through it, Just contact us and someone will get back to you to arrange a meeting.

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