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We can Protect IT and back it up ! 


Virus Spyware and Data/Keylogger attacks are on the increase,
your system is under attack, act NOW!

We have the solution !

You would not let anyone do this to your house or business but, your computer is probably open to such attacks?
Even if you have antivirus software you could still be vulnerable

Protect yourself NOW before its too late

Take action now,

we can guide you through the maze of viruses and spy's Protect you machines and backup your data.
Prevention is always
better than cure !

Data Recovery
If you are a victim of an attack, we can attempt to recover lost files and data after damage from malware attacks or complete system failure.

An unprotected machine is like an open safe, USELESS.

DO NOT get caught out call us now for protection!
and or a two hour instruction on security before it's too late!

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We Care for your machines
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