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Tips for Easy Computing  


ALWAYS use the BCC box to send an email to more than one person!

Spam email affects all of us from time to time.
Have you ever wondered why you get spam ?

Well here is how to avoid it:
It is not a good idea to fill in every on line form you can find using your everyday email ! if you are unsure of a site don’t use it, if you have to use a unknown site,
then use an email address that you don’t use much.

One of the main ways to avoid spam is to
NEVER use the “TO” box to send multiple emails to a group or friends and family.

Put no more than ONE email in the “To” box and
don’t use the “CC” box at all. Always use the “BCC” box to send to multiple addresses.

If you must send circulars or the dreaded “chain emails”
you must remove any email addresses in the body of the text too, as these are also picked up!

The reason: Any email with more than one email address visible is probably going to be picked up by “bots” on the internet which will “harvest” all the emails, and usually they are either sold to unscrupulous companies, or even individuals, who then blanket everyone on the list with multiple emails for things you don’t want or need. Some are just geared to disrupt the system by overloading the email servers where your data is stored. Others can and do contain viruses and spyware or other malware which at best are annoying, at worst they can actually damage your hardware irretrievably!


Keep your Email folders clean and regularly delete unwanted emails. If you use computer based mail ie. outlook express or the better version Outlook, use Archive to reduce the size of your main email (PST) file


Virus Spyware and Data/Keylogger attacks are on the increase, Is your system prepared ?

You would not let anyone do this to
your house or business
your computer is probably open to such attacks?

ty measures
and backup your data.
Prevention is always
better than cure !

Data Recovery
If you are a victim of an attack, we can attempt to recover lost files and data after damage from malware attacks or complete system failure.

An unprotected machine is like
an open safe, USELESS.

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